No one beats YORK ANALYTICAL’s customer service, most notably their superhero field service squad known as the YORK FORCE. Using their enhanced battle suits that empower each with a unique super power, the YORK FORCE is unmatched at completing their customer pickups and drop-offs.

Much to the dismay of Dr. Chaos, the head of the evil Acme Lab Corp, YORK’s largest competitor, the YORK FORCE overcomes daily barriers every day to deliver for our customers’ business.

Read all about The YORK FORCE in “CHAOS SOLUTION.”

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  • Client Services Superheroes: The York Wonder Women

    The second edition of the YORK FORCE introduces the Wonder Women of York — Allison Bennett, Tina Blocker, Shanna Bonaparte, Lidya Gulizia, Kim Karcich, Kristen Lopez, Nicolette Lovari, Cassie Mosher, Jenna Pitta-Daniels, Lea Sherman, Patty Werner-Els.

  • YORK FORCE: Introducing Slim

    He’s slender. He can stretch his body like a rubber band. He’s a great listener and an even better friend. Even on the YORK FORCE, there’s no equal to the man we call Slim!

  • YORK FORCE: Introducing Frostbite

    Meet Frostbite, known for being the glue that holds the courier team together. Frostbite is as much a member of the customer’s team as he is the York’s team

  • YORK FORCE: Introducing The Spider

    Who has four superhuman mechanical arms, enabling him to carry more than six Summa canisters and coolers at a time?

  • YORK FORCE: Introducing The Brain

    The Brain sits at the controls of the York Force courier system, deftly coordinating client pickup/deliveries and ensuring client rush jobs are in the system and ready for analysis even before the samples reach the lab.