The Brain Controls York’s Stellar Courier System

The superhero at the controls of the York Force courier crew is by night devoted to his family and faith.

During the day, Dave Marrero is The Brain. Sitting at the master controls of York’s stellar courier system, The Brain deftly schedules and coordinates client order requests for sample pick-up/bottle delivery throughout the 4-state region that York serves.

Nothing rattles The Brain. Next day “rush jobs,” last minute pickups, schedule changes. He’s always in control of the work clients need, and always helpful and personable.

The Brain is an innovator. He masterminded the software system and proprietary communications system that York uses to connect couriers, labs and clients.

This system enables him to talk instantly to drivers, ask questions of the client before the sample even arrives, and alert our log-in team at the lab to get the analyses scheduled asap.

The Brain cares. About the clients, about upholding York’s commitment to stellar customer service, about the people he works with, about working tirelessly to ensure the courier service runs at peak efficiency at all times.

The Brain operates with a smile on his face and a song in his heart. He’s a main character at the center of the upcoming comic, YORK FORCE.

Have a pickup that needs to happen now? Call The Brain.
Need a rush turnaround. Call The Brain.
Just need to talk to a nice guy? The Brain is there for you.

Dave Marrero is The Brain.