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John Oliver PFAS Segment

York Analytical CEO Michael J. Beckerich shares his viewpoint on the provocative PFAS segment from John Oliver on the HBO Show “Last Week Tonight. The 20-minute segment is “must watch” for anyone with concerns or questions about PFAS contamination.

In October 2018, York Analytical opened the first and only PFAS laboratory in New York City to perform analysis on soil, groundwater and drinking water. The new Emerging Contaminants laboratory was built in York Analytical’s existing Queens NYC facility, which was certified by the NYS DOH and approved in January 2019.

In 2020, in response to new approaches by environmental professionals to identify PFAS in groundwater, York Analytical became the first analytical laboratory in the Greater New York region to conduct PFAS Analysis by TOP Assay.

York Analytical Laboratories has continually invested in capital resources, top talent and technical know-how so clients get advanced PFAS testing and analyses faster and more efficiently than other labs deliver.

Clients have access to our senior technical team for in-depth expertise on any issues that arise, plus local facilities and the best courier service in the industry. Make York Analytical Laboratories your lab of choice for PFAS analyses and all your air, soil and water testing.

Your Expert PFAS Resource is Local!

A significant advantage of using York Analytical Laboratories for all your testing needs is our local presence:

  • Our facilities are located a short courier trip away from your office or project site.
  • When your samples arrive at their destination, they won’t be re-packaged and shipped via commercial courier across the country to a lab.
  • The precious cargo that you’ve spent thousands of dollars to collect will appear on instruments in a timely manner ensuring your expected turnaround time.

Don’t let your COC look like the Declaration of Independence; think globally and act locally! Our client services are your best resource!

York Analytical Laboratories has developed methods and procedures to address the following methods:

  • EPA 537.1, initial 14 compounds list plus updated Nov. 2018 version with
    ADONA and GenX
  • EPA 537.1 modified to address up to 30 PFAS species, including isotope dilution
  • Top Assay For PFAS
  • ISO 25101:2009 (E)-limited list of PFAS targets
  • ASTM D7979-16
  • Custom methods developed in-house for special applications, including ADONA and GenX and other emerging PFAS.
A YORK Labs employee wearing a white lab coat using equipment to perform a PFAS Analysis