York Analytical Labs is the first lab in the Greater New York region to conduct a Total Oxidizable Precursors (TOP) Assay method for PFAS Analysis in groundwater. While many environmental professionals are using PFAS analyses that have defined a list of 21 to 40 compounds, the TOP Assay analyses provide data on oxidizable PFAS. The TOP Assay method can offer data on thousands of oxidizable PFAS compounds and emerging contaminants at one time.

“As New York City’s only analytical laboratory performing PFAS analyses on soil and water samples, we continue to invest in advanced methodologies, instrumentation, and people to anticipate the environmental industry’s future testing needs,” says Michael J. Beckerich, President and CEO.

Where can I get PFAS Testing in New York?

All PFAS samples are analyzed locally in YORK’s Queens NYC laboratory. The Queen’s lab is a solvent-free facility (no Extractions lab) that in addition to having a PFAS testing facility and a strategic courier hub, houses YORK’s large TO-15 Air and Volatiles laboratories. York is a leader in environmental testing services and reliable sample analysis of water, soil, and air.

New PFAS guidance from NYSDEC on January 15, 2021 states the TOP Assay method is an option in cases where:

When should I use the TOP Assay Method for PFAS Testing?

New PFAS guidance from NYSDEC on January 15, 2021, states the TOP Assay method is an option in cases where:

“Impacted materials can be made up of PFAS that are not analyzable by routine analytical methodology. A TOP Assay can be utilized to conceptualize the amount and type of oxidizable PFAS which could be liberated in the environment, which approximates the maximum concentration of perfluoroalkyl substances that could be generated if all polyfluoroalkyl substances were oxidized.”

What methods of PFAS testing does York Labs perform?

York Analytical Laboratories are certified in EPA Method 537/537.1 [LINK TO https://yorklab.com/certifications/  – please review content on the certification page – EPA Method 537/537.1 is not listed – can we add? ] for your routine PFAS analyses and other ancillary methods referenced in the NYSDEC guidance document like SPLP by Method 1312, Lloyd-Kahn Method for Total Organic Carbon, EPA Method 9045 for soil pH, and EPA Method 9081 for cation exchange capacity.

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