In 2010, YORK’s new LIMS provided a Lamborghini-like powerful backbone need to build the next wave of growth for the Company. Over the next decade, YORK invested heavily in staff, instrumentation, operations and client relationship. Highlights include:

2012 – Large-scale expansion doubling capacity and building new labs in the adjoining warehouse (click here for more)

2012 – Opens New Jersey office at Palisades Park disposal facility (click here for more)

2013 – Ben Gulizia joins as Lab Director (click here for more)

2013 – First client-enable mobile phone app (click here for more)

2014 – Launches major advancement in mobile-friendly client service technology (click here for more)

2015 – Takes leadership position in NYC with Brownfields Partnership (click here for more)

2016 – Open NYC’s first and only TO-15 Air and VOA laboratory (click here for more)

2017 – Opens new corporate headquarters in Nyack, NY in conjunction with SUNY-Rockland (click here for more)

2017 – Adds Pennsylvania DEP licensing (click here for more)

2018 – TerraNova Partners added to fuel growth (click here for more)

2019 – Opens NYC’s first PFAS laboratory (click here for more)

2019 – Opens Long Island client service office (click here for more)

2020 – New Extractions, VOA and SVOA laboratories to accommodate growth in NJ (click here for more)

2022 – YORK expanded its capacity and analysis services with acquisition of Aqua Environmental (click here for more), construction of new laboratories, and added record number of new staff to meet demand.

2023 – In January, YORK completed the largest acquisition in the company’s history with the addition of two “sister” laboratories in Toms River, NJ. (click here for more)

Precision Testing Labs is expert at ground water and soil analyses and Precision Analytical Services is the largest NJ laboratory specializing exclusively in drinking water analyses and sampling services.