PFAS contamination continues to build up in our daily lives.

Ongoing testing by environmental groups and local governments has continued to prove that exposure to PFAS contamination is commonplace and needs to be addressed immediately.

Recent reports showed that high levels of PFAS were detected in a common pesticide aerially sprayed on millions of acres of land in New York, Massachusetts and at least 24 other states.

The mosquito spray that has been blasted from planes has contaminated communities throughout the United States. It contains 250 parts per trillion of PFOA and 260 to 500 ppt of HFPO-DA (GenX, two forms of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS).

“This news only heightens the groundswell of concern about PFAS and reinforces our dedication to being the laboratory of choice for PFAS analyses,” says Michael J. Beckerich, President and CEO. “The latest on mosquito spray illustrates how vulnerable to PFAS contamination our communities are in Westchester County, Long Island and throughout the Greater New York region.

“PFAS does not break down in the environment and we’re doing more PFAS analyses every day as state and federal agencies rightfully tighten testing requirements for PFAS contamination in soil and groundwater.”

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