New PFAS instrumentation dramatically reduces sample preparation.

York Analytical has purchased new advanced PFAS preparation systems to automate part of the smaple preparation process and increase throughput of PFAS samples. The new Biotage TurboVap LV enables the lab to dramatically reduce time for preparations and double the number of samples we prepare in one batch.

“We’re committed to remaining the leader in PFAS analyses in the Greater New York region, and this investment increases the efficiency and turnaround time for PFAS analyses,” says Robert Bradley, Chief Technology Officer.  “We’re improving efficiency while increasing reproducibility and accuracy using a high-quality system for automated extraction, automated concentration and analysis.”

In PFAS preparation procedures, the most inefficient part of the prep process is the concentration steps for all matrices. For Potable water, these can take about five hours and for soils about three hours.  Now, we save considerable labor on this part of the prep, for example, reducing our potable water processing times to 1.5 hours.