The madness of a perpetual Groundhog’s Day is taking a toll on many. Trying to do everything we can to keep working and protect our bubble of people from the virus is exhausting.

It has been forty weird days since my last message to you on March 30 (click here), and I wanted to connect again. Please drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing. My contact info is at the bottom of this note.



Since using John Prine’s whimsical “It’s a Big Old Goofy World” as my daily soundtrack in the early days of the COVID crisis, my state-of-mind has shifted to another John Prine ditty, the manic “Spanish Pipedream”… hmmm.

I wonder what’s next?  : )

“In Spite of Ourselves”

 or maybe

“That’s The Way the World Goes Round” ?



Blow up my TV.

Throw away the paper.

Move to the country.

Build me a home.


Click here for The Avett Brothers live version.

Warning: You many end up humming this song all day long. 


Keeping with the music theme…


I am so proud of the York team for performing at a high level during this unique period of time,

I want to dedicate a song to them as a small token of gratitude and recognition.



ZZ Top –  I Thank You

(click video window below or here to see on YouTube)

Live From Daryl’s House


Five years ago I filmed a very amateur video at my desk on “what it takes to succeed in NYC.”   


I was twenty pounds heavier and a lot less grey on top, but the message still holds true as New Yorkers navigate through the virus crisis. Being prepared to succeed each and every day is imperative.


(click here to see the video on our website or on the picture below)

York & NYC

Since this video was released, York’s expansion in Queens with an extraction-free PFAS and VOA facility has enabled us to continue performing at a high level.

“Knowing when to turn left instead of right” sometimes makes all the difference.




If you don’t already follow the New York State Council of Professional Geologists on LinkedIn,…

the “Geology Word of the Day” feature on their page is great!


Today’s word is Grenz.

(Click here to see NYSCPG on LinkedIn.)

Be well. Keep talking.



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