PFAS Contamination in Drinking Water: The First National Drinking Water Law on PFAS is Announced

The Biden’s Administration’s announcement of the first national drinking water law on PFAS finalizes strict limits on certain PFAS, and commits to the largest-ever government investment in tackling PFAS pollution. The programs are designated for long-term help for communities to implement testing and treatment at public water systems and private wells owners. The new limits include:

  • For PFOA and PFOS, EPA is setting a Maximum Contaminant Level Goal at zero, reflecting the latest science showing that there is no level of exposure to these contaminants without risk of health impacts.
  • EPA is setting enforceable Maximum Contaminant Levels at 4.0 parts per trillion for PFOA and PFOS, individually. This standard will reduce exposure from these PFAS in our drinking water to the lowest levels that are feasible for effective implementation.
  • For PFNA, PFHxS, and “GenX Chemicals,” EPA is setting the MCLGs and MCLs at 10 parts per trillion.
  • Because PFAS can often be found together in mixtures, and research shows these mixtures may have combined health impacts, EPA is also setting a limit for any mixture of two or more of the following PFAS: PFNA, PFHxS, PFBS, and “GenX Chemicals.”

Beyond the EPA News: PFAS Developments in U.S. and Europe

It’s only been two months since York Analytical joined the ALS global team, and we can share with clients access to breaking information on PFAS developments, implications and testing innovations. Additionally, in the last two months, York added PFAS licensing in Massachusetts and in Pennsylvania; we’re now certified for PFAS analysis in six Northeast states.

PFAS contamination is a global issue, and “Beyond The EPA News: PFAS Developments in the U.S. & European Union” was published to detail and assess the most recent implications in the U.S. and E.U. – the sectors under heaviest scrutiny, new laws, testing thresholds, methodologies and government-mandated bans.

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“ALS’s work at the forefront of PFAS testing and analysis for two decades globally gives us the expertise to stay ahead on latest PFAS developments, scale in anticipation of new regulations, share a universal instrumentation platform, and implement proven, global PFAS laboratory practices,” says Michael J. Beckerich, President & CEO of York.

CEO Michael Beckerich Interviewed for Local Perspective on PFAS

Following the announcement that York Analytical had joined the global ALS Limited network, the Hudson Valley press interviewed Michael J. Beckerich on the acquisition, the extent of PFAS contamination in the region, and how the regulations and remediation will impact local communities.

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