380 Development Site in Staten Island

View of the Goethals Bridge in Staten Island near where York's 380 Development Site is located

York Analytical Laboratory has been working with a unique brownfield development project in Staten Island on the Arthur Kill, just south of the Goethals Bridge.
The 380 Development Site, a former major oil storage facility on a 672.5 acre water front property situated in northwestern Staten Island, is a brownfield development project regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) that can receive approved fill material by barge or truck in preparation for future non-residential development on the site.

Aerial view of the 380 Development Site in Staten Island

380 Development has two acceptance criteria depending on where material is placed on site. These are referenced in the DEC environmental remediation regulations specifying the “Protection to Groundwater” and “Commercial Soil Cleanup Objectives” contained in Table 375-6-8(b).

380 Development verifies and tracks every load approved for delivery to the site. After DEC approval of the material source, 380 Development 1) provides a site and project specific manifest with bar code to each fill project, 2) visually inspects material upon arrival, and 3) logs location and lift info in the site ARC-GIS data base.

Contact: Guy R. Vogt at Staten Island Marine Development  ph. (718) 915-6002 / email: gvogt@simd.com
380 Development material handler positioned on a deck barge
380 Development  material handler on site is positioned on a deck barge to off-load a barge from a regional dredging and sediment processing project.