HGAR Broker/Owner/Manager Event

York Analytical’s leadership role in educating businesses and industries about the PFAS crisis, is exemplified in its partnership with HGAR – the largest realtor group in the Hudson Valley.

The Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors held two recent events in which York educated realtor community about PFAS and its impact on the future of the industry.

On March 29 in Tarrytown, York was a sponsor of the HGAR Broker/Owner/Manager seminar event where CEO Michael J. Beckerich spoke to the audience about the PFAS emergency, and Director of Client Services, Lou Russo, met with realtors following the event to share educational tools they can provide clients.

The sponsorship group at the HGAR Broker/Owner/Manager seminar event in Tarrytown

HGAR Breakfast with Benefits

For HGAR’s Breakfast with Benefits Webinar on April 7 – “What’s REALLY in your Water” – Beckerich shared eye-opening information on the looming PFAS disaster; what the real estate industry should know about environmental testing options for PFAS; and, the potential consequences PFAS testing will have on the home sales because of stringent new state and federal regulations.

“The widespread national media and local community coverage on the dangers of forever chemicals are quickly becoming an issue for realtors,” said Beckerich. “Buyers and sellers have to account for not only the cost associated with remediation and water filtration to ensure private wells are safe, but also account for the potential health impact on their family and friends.”

The call-to-action was for realtors and their partners (home inspectors, well drillers, water treatment companies) to partner with York Analytical to get expert water testing quickly from a professional local laboratory that specializes in PFAS testing.