York Analytical has expanded its Queens flagship PFAS laboratory, adding the building’s first floor previously built out for a medical laboratory. The expansion provides immediate room for new PFAS instrumentation and prep, as well as expanded TO-15 air testing instrumentation just in time for winter heating season.

York has already purchased an additional TO-15 instrumentation set-up and over $100,000 of air canisters and flow controller assets to maximize the added space.

“Since opening the Oueens laboratory in 2018 for our Emerging Contaminants testing, the operation has become a linchpin to our success, working with the New York City airports and our largest utility client headquartered in Queens,” says Michael J. Beckerich, President and CEO. “We moved quickly on the space once we heard that a first floor medical testing laboratory was going to become available and have already outfitted it for operations.

“I’m very impressed with the continued development of staff by Queens Lab Director Krzysztof Trafalski. It has become a tremendous asset to our growth. Our staffing team has done a great job of building the team there with grassroots and unconventional hiring for sustained continuity of staff.”