TERRACORE use for 5035 Analysis of Volatile Organic Soil

We recommend the use of Terracore Sampling Kit for 5035 analysis of volatiles in soil.  
With the plunger seated in the handle, push the plastic terracore into freshly exposed soil until the sample chamber is filled (chamber will deliver approximately 5 grams of soil).
Wipe all soil or debris from the outside of the terracore sampler. Remove excess soil that extends beyond the mouth of the sampler. Rotate the plunger that was seated in the handle to align it with the slots in the body. Place the mouth of the sampler into the vial and extrude the sample by pushing the plunger down. When capping each vial, be sure to remove any soil or debris from the top and/or threads of the vial for a proper capped seal.
The plastic Terracore sampler is a single use device. It should not be cleaned and reused. A new sampler should be used for each sample set. Videos demonstrating the proper use can be viewed below or from our website.

A complete set includes:

(2) 40ml with DI Water & a stir-bar
(1) 40ml with Methanol
(1) unpreserved 40ml vial
(1) Plastic “terracore” tool

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