Watch an in-depth, transatlantic interview about how the global laboratory company ALS is helping clients stay ahead of the curve on significant PFAS contamination and testing issues, and mounting compliance challenges.

Soon after ALS’ acquisition of York Analytical in March, the PFAS global practice lead for ALS, Geraint Williams, and York’s President Michael J. Beckerich discussed the top global PFAS trends clients are facing, and current and oncoming analytical issues surrounding PFAS.


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Among the topics of importance touched upon by Geraint and Michael:

  • A PFAS of special concern that’s often found in firefighting foams but not currently regulated as part of any suite of analysis in many countries … but will be.
  • The wider range of sites and different types of PFAS that are being discovered, plus the new techniques and methodologies that will be deployed to improve turnaround times.
  • Why ultra-short PFAS present a big problem for water utilities to test and treat.

The PFAS Global Practice Lead for ALS, Geraint Williams, collects water samples in a West African community to assess risk to the water environment.

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