PFAS Roundup: “The Devil We Know”

There is a steady flow of news emerging about the widespread exposure to PFAS chemicals in nearly every household product. Click here to get the latest PFAS news reports from national and regional media.

This news story, on PFAS in public drinking well water, cites a newly funded study in Pennsylvania on the cancer links as a result of PFAS contamination.

If you haven’t seen this documentary about PFAS / PFOS called “The Devil We Know”… here is the link to the full movie on YouTube. Watch it. The movie paints a very complete picture of the unregulated emerging contaminants contained in DuPont’s “miracle” Teflon chemical — and the lengths in which DuPont hid their own scientific findings.

In one scene, they call PFAS “the devil’s piss,” a crude but descriptive term about how this bio-persistent contaminant has permeated the living world.

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