Line of people in yellow hazmat suits spraying herbicide onto a field


To Our Valued Customers:

As you may have already been made aware, there is a critical and sustained, industry-wide, shortage of a chemical reagent routinely used for Herbicide analyses by EPA Method 8151.  This impacts an environmental laboratory’s ability to process both solid and aqueous samples, as well as TCLP leachates.

We have been able to obtain an alternate chemical that will allow us to continue to provide regulatory compliant herbicide analyses while waiting for the originally used chemical to become routinely available.  Additionally, herbicide analyses have resumed as normal, with the new chemical, following a short delay while use of the new reagent was validated over the weekend.

However, the alternate chemical reagent is significantly more expensive and will require an increased price for herbicide analyses.  To ensure transparency, the additional cost will appear on your invoice as a separate line item charge.  If this market shortage continues for several months, we will make an appropriate adjustment to the base price of herbicide analyses.

We apologize for any recent delays in providing herbicide testing results and appreciate your patience and understanding regarding the necessary cost increase. 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Client Services Team (