Lead in Drinking Water – What You Want To Know


YORK has been on the front lines with the New York City School Construction Authority drinking water testing program.  The YORK team has been “working around the clock” often with consultants on expedited turn around results on a wide range of school and municipal buildings in NYC, Long Island and NJ.  It is important to understand that there are only two methods used for drinking water.  YORK uses a sophisticated piece of instrumentation (Inductively Couple Plasma Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) to provide the most accurate and expedited results possible.  Recent events in New York, New Jersey and Michigan have raised awareness about lead levels in drinking water. On March 15th consultants began submitting water samples taken from NYC public schools.  Based on the first waves of analytical results, on March 23, 2016, New York City’s Department of Education assures the public that the city has excellent water quality. This letter was sent to the families and staff of public schools.  New York has published this website for anyone to monitor the results of lead testing in schools.  For more information about potable water testing, please contact clientservices@yorklab.com.