York Wishes Governor Kathy Hochul Great Success

A heartfelt congratulations go out to our new Governor Kathy Hochul, a friend and supporter of York Analytical Laboratories.  In 2017, then-Lieutenant Governor Hochul delivered the opening speech at the ribbon cutting of York Analytical’s new Nyack headquarters and our expansion of services into Hudson Valley.

Lt. Gov. Hochul said at the dedication, under the Start-Up NY program, “There are companies like York Analytical who are willing to make the move, come across the river from Connecticut and plant your flag right here, and to bring people and expand jobs. Bring them here to live and work in this community and have an economic ripple effect ….

“So, I want to thank them for having the vision,” she continued. “I know the work they do is critically important for testing for environmental purposes, and you’ve had had a long history. But to be right here in the community really means a lot to us. Thank you, Michael, for really believing in New York State.”

We wish our new Governor best of luck in her term, and continued support of environmental legislation efforts to reduce our citizens’ exposure to PFAS and other dangerous contaminants.

View the video of the Nyack Headquarters grand opening here: