Accurate, Reliable, Documented Flow Controller Calibration for TO-15 Integrated Sampling


YORK has invested in new technology, the FlowProfessor™, to provide the most accurate way to calibrate flow controllers for TO-15 sampling. The system automatically adjusts the flow controller to obtain the correct flow every time and it is documented.

The FlowProfessor™ software even adjusts for estimated field temperatures and sampling site elevation, if provided to YORK in advance, to optimize sampling rates under any environmental conditions.

Sampling times can be calibrated for many different durations from 1 to 24 hours or even up to 2 weeks when using the new Entech flow controllers with greater low-flow stability in conjunction with the FlowProfessor™.

A very important feature of the FlowProfessor™ is the ability to verify that the critical orifice is leak-free and able to maintain flow for the duration of the sampling period. This will minimize failure rate for the orifices sent to the field.

The software generates a calibration report for documentation purposes. This report can then be sent with the flow controller if project needs dictate this level of traceability.